NIB – National Institute of Biology Marine Biology Station

Vlado Malačič

Fornace, 41,



Tel: +386 5 9232904
Fax: +386 5 9232902

Marine Biology Station (MBS) of National Institute of Biology (NIB) , Slovenia ( ) established in 1969 in Piran is affiliated to the NIB (, Ljubljana. The main research activities of the MBS are focused on characteristics and problems of coastal waters especially on coastal dynamics and modelling, plankton ecology, biodiversity, biogeochemical processes and the impacts of pollution. MBS is national focal point for MED POL activities (Barcelona Convention) and is responsible for National Marine Monitoring Program including assessment of the state of marine environment, marine biodiversity monitoring and conservation of coastal areas. MBS is NODC (National Oceanographic Data Centre) and data provider for Transitional, Coastal and Marine Waters within EIONET, SEADATANET2, EMODnet and MyOcean2.