MONGOOS shall engage in activities related to the production and use of operational oceanography services in furtherance of four principal objectives:

  • Improved Fitness for Purpose. Continuously advance the scientific understanding and technological development upon which the Services are based.
  • Greater Awareness. Promote the visibility and recognition of the Services with governmental agencies and private companies, encourage their integration at national, regional, European and global levels.
  • Increased Downstreaming. Enhance the usability of the Services and their usefulness for policy implementation, societal needs and science.
  • Improved Capacity. Support the planning and implementation of international initiatives involving operational oceanography and promote the participation of non-EU Mediterranean countries in producing the Services.
    A detailed description of MONGOOS objectives and activities can be found on the MoA

MonGOOS will elaborate a continuous working framework with EuroGOOS and GOOS Africa in order to define common roles and activities in the Mediterranean Sea, and foster collaboration with Black Sea GOOS and global ocean GOOS initiatives.

A detailed description of MonGOOS objectives and activities can be found on the MoA and the Strategy Plan.