Institute of Marine Biology, University of Montenegro

Danijela Joksimovic

Dobrota bb, P.O. box 68,



Tel: +38232302040
Fax: +382 (0)32 334 570

The Institute of Marine Biology (IMB) is the member of the University of Montenegro, established in 1963. Institute is the unique marine research institution in Montenegro dedicated to the scientific investigation, exploitation and protection of the sea. The research have multidisciplinary approach, primarily focused on the Southern Adriatic. IMB has a great expertise in the fields of marine biology and marine ecology and a long experience in a wide range of marine and coastal surveys. It is the advisory body to the government in marine affairs, particularly in fishery matters. Institute develops national and international cooperation mainly through the implementation of the projects related to the exploration, protection and sustainable use of marine resources. The IMB is a partner in several domestic, bilateral, interreg and EU projects.