Helping Member States address marine pollution by harmful and noxious sustances

The HNS-MS project, Harmful and Noxious Sustances pollution of the Marine System, is funded by the European Commission’s DG ECHO and is ending on 31 December 2016. In Brussels on 13-14 December, the project is holding its final stakeholder meeting to present the project’s results including, among others, a decision-support tool for national maritime authorities and coastguard stations to forecast the… Read more »

EuroGOOS partnered with Mercator Ocean: towards fit-for-purpose in situ observations

EuroGOOS signed a contract with Mercator Ocean to promote sustained ocean observations and a strong connection with users of marine data products. The contract particularly addresses seaborne, in situ, observations and the uptake of Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS). Mercator Ocean is an EU Entrusted Entity with responsibility to deliver the CMEMS service within the current EU multi-annual financial framework… Read more »

Job opportunity at EuroGOOS Office

The EuroGOOS Office seeks an Administrator whose mission is to deliver financial and administrative tasks in support of the EuroGOOS team. The job is based in central Brussels at the EuroGOOS Office hosted by the Belgian Science Policy Office, BELSPO. EuroGOOS offers to the successful candidate a 3.5-year fixed contract and the opportunity to work… Read more »

The power of open-access interoperable marine data for the Blue Economy

The power of open-access interoperable marine data for the maritime sector: An untapped resource? Access to marine data and information: The role of European marine data portals in knowledge transfer How can publicly funded marine information sharing initiatives develop to meet industry user needs? What are the specific needs of SMEs? What are the bottlenecks… Read more »

High Frequency Radars – European survey

High-frequency radars collect real-time data on surface currents and waves (Credit: ICTS SOCIB) High Frequency Radar (HFR) technology offers a unique insight to coastal ocean variability by providing high-resolution data at the interface between ocean and atmosphere. HFR data measure currents with a relatively wide spatial coverage and high spatio-temporal resolution in near real time… Read more »

EuroGOOS 2016 General Assembly: main outcomes

EuroGOOS 2016 General Assembly meeting took place from 25 to 27 May. Organized at the EuroGOOS headquarters in Brussels, the meeting brought together over 50 delegates from 40 organizations in 19 European states, as well as the European Commission, Regional Sea Conventions, and European networks. The Assembly opened with a special session on oceanographic products… Read more »

Kostas Nittis Medal awarded to young researcher from France

Angelique Melet, Kostas Nittis Medal winner 2016 and Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair, 25 May 2016, Brussels Angelique Melet, a young researcher from Mercator Ocean, France, was awarded the 2016 Kostas Nittis Medal and associated grant yesterday. Angelique’s application went through a competitive evaluation process earlier in the year. The award ceremony took place yesterday in… Read more »