EMD 2023 Workshop Sustainable ocean observation: shared responsibilities

We are pleased to co-organize a European Maritime Day (EMD 2023) workshop ‘Sustainable ocean observation, from open sea to coast: shared responsibilities‘, to take place on on 25 May 2023 at 14.30 – 15.45 CET. The event is co-organized by Ifremer, Eurofleets+, Euro-Argo ERIC, Esprit de Velox, EMODnet, EOOS, and EuroGOOS. 

In the face of climate change and loss of biodiversity for which the ocean is steering the future of our planet, ocean observation is key to preserving the ocean as a common good of humanity and to deliver the European Green Deal. Today, European ocean observing is not sustainable, lacks coordination and support, and its trajectory is not convergent with the greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2050. It is relying on marine research infrastructures and observing networks mostly financed from research resources by nations with a maritime coastline. Despite the obvious progress made in recent years, this cannot satisfy the needs for exponential growth and profound technological refoundation.

Coordinated and optimised for efficiency, cost and intrinsic environmental footprint ocean observation from open sea to coast is paramount for sustained and reliable provision of oceanographic services and information. This workshop will discuss how the ocean observing stakeholders are consolidating efforts to limit the duplication and promote long-term coordination and sustainability. We will discuss the challenges we face and solutions our communities offer in delivering a common ocean observation strategy.

Register to EMD and our workshop (25 May, 14.30-15.45) here

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