2 PhD positions in Environmental Life Sciences co-sponsored by OGS and UniTS

The National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS and the University of Trieste are issuing a call for applications to 2 PhD positions in Environmental Life Sciences (Cycle XXXVII – Academic year 2021-2022). Both positions come with scholarship and will be carried out at the Division of Oceanography of the OGS. Applications close on June 7th, 2021 at 13.00 CET. More information on deadlines and admissions at https://www2.units.it/dott/en/?file=DottBandi.inc&cod=2020.


Details on the proposed research themes and contact persons for the two positions are below:

Project title: “Fucus virsoides in the Adriatic Sea: a glacial relic in the era of climate changes”

Project description: F. virsoides is a glacial relic endemic to the Adriatic Sea. In the last years, its population in the basin is dramatically decreasing. The research aims at understanding the causes of this decline and to propose possible mitigation/restoration measures. The approach will be multidisciplinary, involving analysis of historical datasets, laboratory and field experiment, and modelling techniques.

Contact person: dr. Vinko Bandelj vbandelj@inogs.it


Project title: “Cumulative impacts and risk on marine ecosystems”

Project description: Marine ecosystem risk assessment (ERA) is a powerful framework to support ecosystem-based Management (EBM). This approach is meant to identify the pressures that pose the greatest risk to the ecosystems, in order to evaluate and prioritize management policies to minimize and mitigate/ negative outcomes. Traditionally, marine risk assessments focused on singular pressure-response relationships, but recent studies have proved its suitability for the evaluation of the cumulative impacts of multiple pressures on multiple ecosystem components. The proposed research activity will consist in: a review and update of currently used methodologies; the identification of the target ecosystems and pressures for a selected site; the collection of data of the ecological and socio-economic components, and in the implementation of the framework in the test site. The analytical approaches will include conceptual ecosystems models, and quantitative, spatially resolved, multiple pressures models.

Contact person: dr. Donata Melaku Canu dcanu@inogs.it